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Extender Series
DTECH DT-7055 HDMI USB2.0 KVM Extender 50m

DTECH DT-7055 HDMI USB2.0 KVM Extender 50m

HDMI USB2.0 KVM Extender is an Internet cafe extender specially designed for internet cafe
centralized management. It supports HDMI signals, USB signals, keyboard, mouse
and audio signal extension transmission, as well as supports switch and reset
the computer host remotely. This product consists of a transmitter and a
receiver,  the transmitter and receiver connected
through a CAT5e/6e LAN cable. The transmitter is connected to the HDMI and USB
output of the computer host, and it is sent to the receiver via the LAN cable
to restore the signals. The HDMI signal is used to connect the monitor, USB is
used to connect the U-disk, camera  and
other USB external devices, and the receiver can also connect the keyboard
mouse with USB port.

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