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DTECH DT-7056A HDMI 4X1 Quad multi-viewer switcher

HDMI Quad Multi-viewer not only can seamless switch multi-way HD audio and video signals to a single picture, but also can split the muti-way signals and display on the same display device, with various video segmentation mode. When it is in full screen switching, the corresponding audio and video signals can transmit synchronously with zero delay. It is widely used […]

DTECH DT-8121 USB/HDMI KVM Switch 2 to 1

USB HD KVM video switch is a more fashionable new touch USB2.0 pluggable KVM automatic or touch switch. It can be connected to a USB2.0 device through USB2.0 interface, and can be used together with KVM at any time.  Intelligent hotkey switch design, makes KVM can be placed on the desktop and switch by keyboard keys. ساخت: guangzhou کد کالا: برند: DTECH